Monday, November 22, 2004

About Me

I named myself "blueenclave" because I live in one. St. Louis County, Missouri went strongly for Kerry and even more strongly for McCaskill(governor). Jackson County (Kansas City) torpedoed Kerry in this state because he was running very closely there. The Bush coattails put Blunt over the top, since with a small amount of examination he could not have got there himself. The awful ads were enough to punish him with. Democrats came out to elect Charlie Dooley, our first African American county executive. The county is among the largest in the country and is composed entirely of suburbs. There are strongly Democratic areas and strongly Republican areas. St. Charles County is also strongly Republican and could be defined as "exurban". So if I want to visit Red America I only have to go 20 miles.
The Washington Witness has nurtured my libertarian streak over the years. However, I don't believe that the market is always right. I think that government regulation and law is important to encourage ethical behavior by a corporation as it encourages ethical behavior by individuals.
Some of the "moral values" involved in this election have me shaking my head. I have a sister who married her fiancee in Canada but I can see why people are uneasy with gay marriage. I can even see why people think that abortion is such an egregious sin that they will just vote on that issue. As pointed out in Eugene McCarraher in The New Pantagruel, first issue, a "culture of life" is not a culture of war. Many conservatives are so comfortable with military images of life that they will sign on to any war, cultural, military or otherwise, without thinking it through. This is a danger for our country.
Our country was established to protect the liberties of the people. If a president takes us into a righteous war but threatens the liberties of the people, then we should reject him. Although some of our founders may have used Christian faith to support classical liberal beliefs, these beliefs are the reason our country exists and is strong. The First Amendment says that we should not have a religious establishment or a religious test; therefore, for a president to be commanded to do what a king of Israel ought to do (such as destroy idolatry), or to promote Christian values rather than to act on them, is illegitimate. For a president to use Christian values to make a policy based on false assumptions is just as bad.

A frustrating day in the NFL

Bring back Kurt! Eli can work out his kinks when it is even more obvious the Giants are going nowhere.