Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dean as Chair

In response to M.Simon:
The money Dean raises ought to be independent of the money that Soros raises. (Also, I think Soros is involved with ACT instead of MoveOn.) So the Democratic Party is now "co-owned".
The great strength of Howard Dean is that he can arouse Democratic passion and make it positive. Democrats could retreat, lick our wounds, hate Bush, and post on dKos all day :), or we can start being active in our own party for our state and local candidates. Dean's job is to make the Democrats more representative and more vocal, so that the elitism charge doesn't stick. I also don't believe that, apart from being against the war, Dean is all that liberal. Even conservatives can believe that the way we were taken to war does not pass the smell test, although it was important for the international community to say that Saddam's regime was immoral.
Dean was gracious enough to say in an email that DFA should continue as a grass-roots group.


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