Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More wanderings in the blogverse

Well, dKos was very slow yesterday, so I visited Matt Yglesias' blog from there. This blog is very good! I was then referred to Power and Control, M. Simon's blog. This blog also has a libertarian, pro-war outlook, and the posts are intelligent. M. Simon is a graduate of University of Chicago! Excellent school! My sister went to the Harris School! Woo hoo! M. Simon claims that Bush is a political genius. Karl Rove has a great deal to do with any political genius Bush has. I could respect Karl Rove as President. There is also my mom's line: "It's all simple aphorisms". Bush is good at putting across simple aphorisms. He is not so good at implementing them. An example from the site is No Child Left Behind. The idea was of a more rigorous education than these kids were getting before. Unfortunately, political realities left who was "proficient" up to the states, and the requirement to be proficient by a short deadline punished the states that had more rigorous standards. (The New York Times: good for something.) NCLB is good if it creates a movement in the states for rigorous standards.
I don't know if this country will reveal its real libertarian nature or not. The Christian Right does not have many libertarian impulses, and they are holding up this administration. Individuals who are disgusted with the Christian Right have the easy option of being Democrats.


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