Monday, March 07, 2005

kos deflates vanity

I am reminded that you do not have to be the most learned person to be a citizen and to have a conscience.

Blueenclave goes to Yale

This episode of my fantasy life was prepared assuming that Yale allows double majors. Substitution for some of the classics 400-level courses would take serious thought if they do not. Italian literature and um, ecology, are probably good substitutes. I would have Donald Kagan and Jonathan Spence, or die in the attempt.

I, in which blueenclave kills self
CHN 115a CHN 115b(1st year Chinese)
LITR 120a(fiction--study of narrative) ANTH 170b(Chinese culture, society)
MCDB 120a(introductory molecular bio) European history
PHYS 200a PHYS 201b
Latin 300(prose) Latin 301(poetry. Virgil. Yum)

II, in which blueenclave barely survives
CHN 130a CHN 130b(2nd year Chinese)
Grk 390a Latin 390b (IMHO I am prepared for Greek 390a. I had some exposure to Plato in high school)(These courses are on stylistics and syntax)
ancient history Chinese lit in trans
classics 400 level PLSC 116b(comparative politics)

CHN 150a CHN 150b(third-year Chinese)
classics 400 level classics 400 level
ancient history Chinese history
Chinese lit in trans PLSC 286b(Political Judgment) ("it sounded so wonderful...")
Italian lit?

CHN 160a CHN 160b(literary Chinese)
Chinese lit I Chinese lit II(in Chinese)
classics survey I classics survey II(yearlong survey of Greek or Latin literature)
classics 400 level CHN 491b: senior essay
PLSC 302a(ancient and medieval political thought)(could not leave without that!)

I submit that I would be educated.

In my actual life, I had three semesters of Chinese and have now forgotten it all.
It was very difficult to read anything, even so, and the contrast with what one could do with three semesters of Italian was very sharp.
I am much luckier than the unfortunate Ms. Simmons. These kinds of courses would make me happy, and the instructors have the right to expect rigor of the students.

Excellent journalism

Yale actually gives "Slavery in the Medieval Mediterranean", History 404a.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

I am Charlotte Simmons

Yale classics department: state of beyond drool. Crying.
It is really sad to have confirmation that your life is a ruin.

I am not Charlotte Simmons

In an attempt to confirm to self that if I had my college career to do over again I would pick very different courses from Charlotte, I was pushed by nice hubby to observe the Yale graduate program in CS. I promptly drooled. I may wish I was a humanities snob and nothing but, but there are many technical fields that are intrinsically interesting. (Examples: chemical engineering, genetics, ecology. Ecology! How is that not a liberal art??)

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

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