Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mis-nagid, zichrono l'bracha

I was shocked at going over to Dov Bear yesterday to find that mis-nagid had deleted his blog and his domain. Only on Sunday, I was happily posting there. Could it have been something I said? ("I won't be condescended to by blueenclave anymore, especially since she kept that herring in the wine sauce in the refrigerator through all of Pesach when her husband was supposed to eat it before then...") I was often scared to go over there because I know nothing about the DH, so I could not refute him. Also, in my current state of ignorance I can accept that the Torah of the Talmudic generation is not direct from Sinai, but that does not mean that I can read a page of Gemara. I would argue that it is more important to acquire this skill when you don't have automatic faith in the Sages than when you do, because you can see directly what they accomplished. Mis-nagid served as a reflection of my yetzer hara--I am not as frum as I could be because I am lazy, certainly, but also because I have a sneaking suspicion that it is not real, but a culture that one can accept or reject. I will learn Chumash and miss things utterly which Rashi finds important because I do not have enough concentration on why something would be phrased by G-d the way it is. I will often take repetitions as a literary device. I liked mis-nagid for his energy and his willingness to investigate things. Perhaps he got tired of it all.


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