Monday, May 09, 2005

NYT accountability

Instapundit has blogged the NYT story on its report on how to establish credibility and has linked to Jeff Jarvis, who approved of most of the changes. The moves toward greater openness such as better email for reporters, having editors discuss the journalism process, and fewer anonymous sources are very welcome. Anything the paper can do to defeat plagiarism and false reporting is also welcome. The paper was doing well IMHO with its religion coverage(for example, coverage of the new Pope was good and complex), but further coverage is good, and further coverage of rural areas and red-state America is excellent. I am in terror of the new initiative to broaden arts and lifestyle coverage. I read the NYT arts and lifestyle coverage, however middlebrow, because it represents New York! The foreign arts coverage is sometimes interesting. I hope that the arts coverage does not regress to the level of the Post-Dispatch or USA Today. The NYT can also be advised to fix its proofreading. I have seen several monster errors over the last month.


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