Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good result of the War on Toby

I have found the blog of someone I used to know from St. Louis who made aliyah a year ago. I am as stunned by the learning in it as I was when he was physically present. Check out End of Days, yaak came in to defend Toby and linked to this site.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Democrats and Israel

A post by M. Simon on Democrats "forgetting their anger" over 9/11 caused me to think of how to measure the "commitment to Israel" of Democratic lawmakers. A serious commitment is likely to be directly related to the number of Jewish voters in the state. A "scorecard" of items where AIPAC encouraged members to contact their representative would be a starting point, but I expect these items to be fairly bipartisan. A more accurate measure would take speeches into account as well. One must then decide what level of support for the peace process implies a "safe Israel", even though the lawmaker may have sincere faith in the PA. I put this up not to bother the poor guy anymore and to have a public record in case I decide to do something.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Flattery from afar

I have finally seen the winners of the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards, in which Dov Bear came in third for Best Humor Blog. This is more of a tribute to DB than one would think, because people are recognizing his talent even if their best general interest blogs are LGF and PowerLine. Possibly the contingent living in Israel rewards the most passionately pro-Israel blogs. I am not sure how Meryl Yourish won for best blog overall, although it is well written and researched. Musings of a Jewish Soul, winner of the best religion category, is well done.