Thursday, May 25, 2006

Interesting PA story

I posted on Seraphic Secret last week that any legislation passed to isolate Hamas should be designed to isolate Hamas, not allow the people to have most of the suffering as happened with 10 years of sanctions on Iraq which did not punish Saddam Hussein one iota for all the evil that he did, although he may have had a full-fledged WMD program without them. Some obduracy from the West and Olmert's willingness to provide direct humanitarian aid seems to be giving Fatah more leverage in the PA government. This Haaretz story tells us that Abbas is pushing a referendum for a Palestinian state with the 1967 borders in order to have some basis for unity between Hamas and Fatah. If Hamas does not agree to the plan within 10 days, he will put it to the people. If the Palestinians will stand up and say they will settle for less than the destruction of Israel, besides being discomfiting to some right-wing bloggers it will be a small step towards trust. (What right-wing bloggers can say, and in fact Meryl Yourish, my steady JIB vote for Best Israel Advocacy, has implied: Palestinians know they cannot have the destruction of Israel now, but with a future stable state they may be able to. And the 1967 borders are unworkable.) Here is another bombshell, which Haaretz could not confirm by itself:

According to the radio, the London-based Al Hayat al Jadida daily newspaper reported that Hamas agreed for Abbas to hold negotiations with Israel based on the position of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Any agreement Abbas reaches with Israel, however, would have to be approved in a referendum, according to the report.

Hamas and Fatah also agreed that the responsibility over the PA's financial administration would be handed over to Abbas, in order to allow the international community to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

The Jerusalem Post has also reported this.
This link
shows some of the points of the prisoner document which the Palestinians would be voting on. It says nothing about the border, but does talk about reorganizing the security forces and forming a unity government. If the Palestinians have a unity government and Abbas is who the outside world deals with, has Abbas won or has Hamas won because Abbas is covering them with a cloak of legitimacy?


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