Monday, June 12, 2006

Gaza beach: nothing to see here, move along

I have found some good information about the Gaza beach incident from various right-wing bloggers which properly will go in HH. Evidently the Israeli government was willing to believe the shell was Israeli, but is now putting out that it may be a leftover Palestinian rocket. One blog linked to DEBKAfile which stated that Palestinians were combing the beach for bombs. (Will try to find link again later) AbbaGav properly mourned the death of the innocent civilians. As my husband pointed out, Hamas was observing a very cold truce. However, their having rejected it and the prisoners' document cannot be positive. I am trying to have the proper bitachon not to live in deadly fear of where and when the next terrible attack will be.
I think it was Israel Matzav who had an excellent point that the settlers in Gaza were in terrible danger, but they had chosen to be there more than the residents of Sderot. OTOH the Palestinians were firing on Sderot both before and after disengagement.


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