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Hevel Hevelim #74--fathers, lies, and videotape

Welcome to Hevel Hevelim #74, the Carnival of Jewish Blogs! I would like to recognize Ezzie for bringing some of these posts to my attention in his blog roundups this week. Blue Diary management has included all posts submitted without necessarily endorsing them. Blue Diary management has also attempted, within these limits, to hold to SoccerDad's policy of one post per blog. Jonathan Rosenblum's post was so important it had to be here.
A big Yasher Koach for the Class of 2006 of Bais Yaakov of St. Louis, graduating today.

We begin with a public service announcement from Jameel about advertising.

We move on to Israel, which produced sustained attention as the killings on the Gaza beach spilled over into last Shabbos.
Israel at Level Ground captures the mood on Sunday.
Oleh Yahshan and lawhawk consider evidence that an Israeli shell did not kill civilians on the beach in Gaza. Rabbi Yonah of Jewlicious fisks the Palestinian video here and here.
Mideast: On Target discusses the Kassam fire in southern Israel. Shiloh Musings sees general incompetence in Peretz's lack of response to said Kassam rockets. In other posts, Batya questions why the NYT thought Hamas had a truce at all and
the principles of the Israeli leaders.
Perspectives of a Nomad and Daled Amos consider the tactics of terrorists in general. sees Olmert being swept along beyond where he wants to go by his own idea of "convergence". Meanwhile Israel Matzav asks why Abu Mazen is not promoting the idea of provisional borders and Perspectives of a Nomad finds opportunity in the Palestinian government's failure to pay salaries. (Yourish questions if Palestinians are really starving and brings an article from The Australian.)
SoccerDad deconstructs the NYT on the prisoners' document.
Yitzchok Adlerstein praises Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, candidate for President of Israel.
Treppenwitz nails the Benjamin Bright-Fishbein story. Joe Settler discusses the two girls almost kidnapped in the Shomron.
Israel Matzav brings our attention to another terrorist incident, and Samizdat BlogFree calls our attention to the expelled trying to resume normal life.
Solomonia has the latest on the Ron Francis case, and Elder of Ziyon posts on the Caterpillar boycott.
AbbaGav rants righteously against Ahmedinejad.
Raanana Ramblings talks about Israelis and the Swedish prison system.
West Bank Blog finds more responses to her call for aliyah stories, and Israel Perspectives begins a press roundup.

We also had some completely positive posts on Israel.
The Hashmonean contributes a very cool post on the Israeli architecture of the new Intel chips.
Meryl Yourish has an eloquent post on Israel's right to exist.
At the IgNoble Experiment, Irina continues her trip to Israel here, here, here,here, and here. Amishav also tells us about his travels in Israel.

Jewish bloggers also considered the Jewish world outside Israel.
A Simple Jew marks the 20th of Sivan.
Jonathan Rosenblum encourages the religious to show concern for Darfur.
LamedZayin decries that we don't have peace among ourselves.
Steven I. Weiss criticizes the defense of AgriProcessors in the Jewish Press.
Ezzie discusses the metzitzah b'peh controversy, with links to Gil and SIW.
Mobius continues the discussion of left-wing anti-Semitism.
Snoopy admits to the Jewish torturers of Guantanamo.
Israel Matzav discusses a positive poll on French attitudes towards Israel.
Orthodox Apprentice interviews Lee Beinstock, the Apprentice finalist.

The World Cup reached our corner of the blogosphere. Kasamba observes World Cup insanity of the present, and Jameel discusses his deep-rooted soccer trauma. DovBear balances the pluses and minuses of soccer. In other sports, Ezzie provides this link to Nephtuli musing on interleague play.

These posts on everyday life are almost all taken from Ezzie.
Jack's Shack contributes this sweet post for Father's Day.
Please listen to the song the title of this post by Psychotoddler, also related to Father's Day, links to. DAG remembers being a father for too short a time.
Seraphic Secret continues the "My Movie Girls" series.
Shira celebrates 29 years of marriage, while MCAryeh waits for his true life.
Orthomom asks about what standard of tznius is appropriate, and Harry Maryles asks about standards for bar and bat mitzvahs.
me-ander comments on organ transplants.
Life in Israel draws lessons from a visit to the dentist.

A good selection of Torah posts is placed "kneged kulam".
Elie brings important points from the Oral Law on parshas Naso, while AddeRabbi provides food for thought and weighs in on the issue of racism and the "Kushite woman".
Gil Student considers when Torah or science should be believed.
On The Main Line discusses the text of "Ashrei".
LabRab attends YU's and YCT's graduations.
Reb Chaim haQoton contributes an essay on converts, spiritually great and not so great. On the other side, Unenlightenment encourages ordinary people to do kiruv, with a stop on the movie "Inspired".
Gedalia Litke contributes one of the best Cross-Currents posts ever.

Please feel free to link to any posts I may have missed in the comments.


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