Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More Republican villains

Rove will not be charged in the Plame case. emptywheel
speculates that this is for Rove's cooperation and that the investigation is focusing on getting Cheney indicted. Fitzgerald failed a lot of people as a messianic figure today. I am reminded of Trevino saying that Bush is a terrible president compared with any ideal, but compared with any real alternative he just squeaks by. Democrats have the information to show that Bush is a terrible president. We don't need any new information and this case might have been only tangentially damaging to Bush. Democrats can tackle as a party and a group of activists the idea that the public realm can't be any more moral than it is now and only private morality will save us. Congressional candidates can take responsibility for the Republican ethical and constitutional failures of the last six years. As much as the netroots love Lamont, they are aware that he cannot save us alone. The Democrats can no longer send out a single figure to suffer for them and save them. Figures such as Brian Keeler, the Kossack running for the State Senate in New York, are as important because it means that the netroots is using their idealism to lift up the established party and make it stand for more democracy. The netroots are likely to keep their connection with the Ned Lamonts and the Brian Keelers because they will be inspired to field more and more candidates to serve as colleagues and Howard Dean is solidly behind the netroots. Related to this subject, Eugene asks the My Left Wingers if they have considered running for office themselves. 10 comments are running mostly against with a contribution from ben masel, running a $1 donation campaign for the Wisconsin Senate as a Democrat.


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